KV Dream Fashion Agency modeling course will give you full competence in modeling and will let you be able to success in both Italian Oriented modeling agencies and world-wide oriented modeling agencies.

The teacher of the school is Katiuscia Vollmar.

Classes are open to both male and female avatars.
Classes will be held in both Italian (via voice) and English languages (via  chat).
To each model will be assigned a tutor to ask questions and suggestions during non-classes times.

We will accept a maximum 10 students for each class.

The course is divided into two parts:
1) 6 theory lessons where you will learn:
– to create a profile Flickr
– to be a professional model
– to make your avatar as unique and to customize your look
– to relate with the owners of the fashion agencies
– what are the ideal size of a model
– what are the best skin in SL
– what are the best poses for a model
– to find the best accessories of SL and how to match the clothes
– to solve the problems of lag
– to know the different types of stylings

2) 8 practice lessons where you will learn:
– to create different stylings
– to study a choreography written in a notecard
– to move in catwalk

At the end of the course, each student will take the exam.
Who pass the exam will get the graduation of the KV Modeling School, while those who do not pass it, could retake the exam after a month.

A diploma will be given to the graduaded models.

To know the opening of registration, please contact Katiuscia Vollmar and subscribe to KV Dream Fashion Agency group:
(copy and past in chat… then click it and join).

Next course will start in January  (Please ask the application form to Katiuscia Vollmar if you are interested).


* This is an advanced course and is required maximum effort and a basic preparation. We recommend signing up for those who know the basic rules of editing and have a good knowledge of SL3 or Firestorm.


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