Kv Dream Fashion Agency is proud to present »READY TO STYLE?« Contest.


Starting from October 2013, each month a male or female model will be chosen as winner. Next year in October there will be the final event: here the 12 finalists will compete for the final prize.

Do you think you have the right style? Do you think you have the right determination? The battle will be a hard!


◆ Rules – How to join the »READY TO STYLE?« Contest ◆

1) Max 2 entry per person per month and you may re-enter every month if you don’t win.

2) join the »READY TO STYLE?« Contest group.

join the KV Dream Fashion agency group:

3) It’s a mix and match contest, so each contestant must Mix ‘n Match at least 3 different items purchased in the shops of the KV Dream fashion agency. (as item are also valid poses, skins and makeups)

4) Each month a different theme for your picture will be announced in the »READY TO STYLE?« Contest group.

5) Post the pictures on the »READY TO STYLE?« Contest Flickr group.

–> Square format is required and the minimum size is 1024 x 1024px.
Name the picture: “»READY TO STYLE?« Contest – (Month)  (Your Name)”
In the description of the picture write the name of the items used bought in the KV sim.

6) We want to see beautiful pictures! So photoshop is allowed and kindly requested, but remember anyway to highlight the items you bought in the KV sim and pay attention to avoid over-processed images that hide your styling.

7) Fill the notecard you will reacive touching the sign at this SLURL and follow the instructions that you will find inside.


Each month will be chosen a winner and a runner-up.

Prizes for Monthly Winner:
– $2000L of Cash!
– A gift card kindly offered by a brand of the KV sim.
– Your picture exposed at the landing point of the sim.
– the chance to compete for the final grand prize (october 2014 final)

Prizes for Monthly Runner-up:
– A gift card kindly offered by a brand of the sim.


The FINAL GRAND prize:
– $10.000L of Cash!
– A bunch of gift cards kindly offered by some designers of the sim. (around 8000L value)
– A free voucher for the Modeling Course organized by the KV DREAM FASHION AGENCY. (6000L value)
– A free close up and two full body pictures done by Astralia Resident that will be exposed in the Theater of the sim. (6000L value)

Other great prizes will be added during the competition!


There are 14 spots in the grand final.
There are two more available spots: two pictures at the end of the year will be chosen and will have the chance to compete in the finale.
How? just being member of the KV Dream Fashion Agency group. It’s not required to keep active both group, but only the agency one.

For the monthly winners is compulsory to join the KV Dream Fashion Agency till the final. If for any reason the monthly winner will be not able to attend the final in October 2014 the runner up will take his place. To have this chance also the monthly runners up need to join the KV Dream Fashion Agency.


For any info about the contest, please contact Astralia Resident by notecard. She will be back to you ASAP.


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