From the 1st of February to the 16th of February.

K.V. Dream Fashion Agency is organizing the “Valentine’s Day” Event in KV sim and in the frame of this event there will be a special shop reserved for 13 of the best designers in SL.

Each designer creates an exclusive Haute Couture item “Valentine’s Day” themed (or an accessory/poses suitable for high fashion styling).

The item is sold in the special shop at KV Sim (use the teleport system in the landing point and sit down on the sign “KV Wishing Closet”.

All these exclusive items walk in the Valentine’s Day Fashion Show of the 12th of February at 1.00pm SLT (22.00 italian time).

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brimstone%20Island/160/227/34

Brand Name: Vero Modero
Exclusive Item: Sweet Valentine
Price: 500$L

Vero Modero

Brand Name: Dead Dollz
Exclusive Item: Tainted Love
Price: 650$L

Dead Dollz

Brand Name: AlaFolie
Exclusive Item: Valentina
Price: 550$L


Brand Name: Swallow
Exclusive Item: Jahaira Skin
Price: 500$L


Brand Name: Orage Creations
Exclusive Item: Berries of Love
Price: 580$L

[orage] Berries of Love

Brand Name: Giulia Design
Exclusive Item: Valentine
Price: 500$L

Giulia Design

Brand Name: LPD
Exclusive Item: Ginevra
Price: 770$L


Brand Name: AD Creations
Exclusive Item: Hart Cut
Price: 550$L

AD Creations

Brand Name: Just Design
Exclusive Item: Cut Valentine
Price: 750$L

JD Cult vendor valentine

Brand Name: Amarello Manga
Exclusive Item: Pilar Silver
Price: 500$L

Amarello Manga

Brand Name: Dot Be Fashion
Exclusive Item: Aryan
Price: 550$L

Dot be Fashion

Brand Name: Pose Way
Exclusive Item: Haute set
Price: 299$L


One thought on “♥♥♥♥ K.V. VALENTINE’S DAY 2014 – HAUTE COUTURE SHOP♥♥♥♥

  1. […] 3) Valentine’s Day Haute Couture – exclusive shop Each designer participating created an exclusive Haute Couture item dedicated to theme “Valentine’s Day”. It can also be a lovely accessory or a lovable pose suitable for high fashion styling. KV Dream Fashion Agency will also host a Valentine Fashion show and all this exclusive designs will be featured in this special show completely dedicated to love and lovers all over the world! The Valentine’s Day Fashion Show will take place on 12th of February at 1pm SLT. For further information, please follow the link to KV Dream official blog. […]

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